Help & FAQs for owners

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a card owner chooses to recall a payment previously made using their credit card. This most commonly occurs when a transaction appears on a card statement which is not recognised by the card owner. They can call the credit card company and have the transaction credited back to their account.

In some circumstances, when we are informed of a chargeback, we can contact the guest and remind them of what the transaction was for and the situation is resolved.

However, in certain situations, the card owner did not authorise the payment and the card has been used fraudulently.

We build the risk of dealing with chargebacks into our business model and make every effort possible to ensure that chargebacks are kept to an absolute minimum. If we receive a chargeback on a regular transaction we will not pass this loss on to you as a property manager.

Full Balance payments

When we take a full balance payment, we do so with the understanding that we are not able to pay you if we receive a chargeback. This basically means that if we receive a chargeback against a full balance transaction that we processed on your behalf we would need to pass this loss on to you as a Property Owner.

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