6 Best Bagpipe Songs - Music Including Famous Scottish Black Bear Tune

Pipe Bands from all over the world will be playing some of the most famous bagpipe songs whilst battling it out on Glasgow Green at The World Pipe Band Championships this August. The event is definitely one not to be missed by any piping fans! Not only will you be treated to some world class pipping and drumming but there is also Highland Dancing and Highland Games events on throughout the weekend.

In honour of this event I thought I would take a look at some of the most recognisable and best loved march and bagpipe tunes known in Scotland.

Black Bear

This old and popular pipe tune is traditionally used by Army regiments as they return to their barracks after a day of marching and manoeuvres; often with the troops adding a great cheer welcoming and end to the days work. The well recognised march is the fastest of all the British Army's marches and almost always closes any of their events with massed bands marching off together.

Heilan Laddie

This very recognisable pipe tune has been adapted from old Scottish folk songs. This became the regimental march for all Highland Regiments, announcing their arrival. It is a very energetic march and was often used during Army enrolments to instil enthusiasm and patriotism in the new troops signing up. Today is often used to welcome a VIP to an event or ceremony.

The Rose of Kelvingrove

This lyrical piece of music was performed at the opening ceremony of the 1986 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games. It was written in the 1960s as a homage to the West End area of Glasgow by Scots Guard Bandsman David Knox and is often heard at piping events in the city.

Scotland The Brave

This has to be the most recognisable of all pipe tunes and is a close contender for Scotland's national anthem. It stirs a great feeling of patriotism within any Scot and you will always find it being played by pipers busking in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

79th Farewell To Gibraltar

This brilliant quick step march was written for the 79th Regiment who were due to leave their barracks in Gibraltar and set off to Canada. As the troops arrived in Canada, by ship, they came across very heavy fog and the captain became concerned that another ship may collide with them. He asked the Pipe Major to get all his pipers on deck to play as a warning to other ships so, they played “79” to alert other ships to their presence.

Something a little bit different – The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

These guys have masterfully mashed traditional and modern together and brought bagpipes to the 21st Century, with a new style they call 'Bagrock'. The band consists of the usual line up for a rock band (drum kit and guitars) however, instead of a vocalist they have pipers and drummers. They can do all the usual stuff that you would expect from pipes however, have added pop and rock songs to their repertoire. Becoming more and more popular over the years, they've played large gigs such as T in the Park and many other festivals, as well as world tours.

What Do You Think Are The Most Famous or Best Bagpipe Songs? Let Us Know on Twitter @Reserveapts!

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