Best Ghost Tours in Edinburgh

From the winding streets, spooky folklore, ominous underground vaults and eerie catacombs; there is no better place to take in the mysterious atmosphere of spectres and spooky stories than in Edinburgh. An Ideal destination for ghost hunters, thrill seekers and lovers of folklore, the city is considered be one of the most haunted cities in the UK, so you won’t be short on choice when it comes to finding a ghost tour to shatter your nerves and test your bravery!

The Real Mary King’s Close

Though technically not a ghost tour, the formidable atmosphere in the warren of underground streets and rooms is a solid choice for any ghostly iterninery. With murders, the plague and other events befalling the close, there is definitely a spooky ambience. The close's most famous supernatural resident is Annie, a ghostly pre-teen who is believed to have been left to die there by her family. You can visit the room where she is said to reside and see where many have left gifts for the lonely little spirit. There are often reports of footsteps and rustling heard and many apparitions have been caught during the customer photographs taken at the end of the tour.

The Real Mary King’s Close

City of The Dead Tours

With a host of awards and honors such as “Britain's best ghost walk”, the city of the dead walk is definitely one of the most spine-chilling. The graveyard tour visits the site of the Mackenzie poltergeist, regularly referred to as one of the most convincing supernatural cases ever. Guests during the tour of the small tomb in Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Cemetery have regularly left the site with scratches, burns, and bruises. The hauntings are said to have started in the late 1990s when a homeless man broke into the tomb of Sir George Mackenzie, and there have been several fires in nearby buildings since, which are blamed on the entity. The underground tour is equally macabre. Take in the horror and fascinating history of the most haunted section of Edinburgh’s legendary Underground City and hear the harrowing tales of it’s past residents.

Mercat Ghost Tours

Mercat Tours offer several historic walks and ghost tours of varying lengths and at different times of the day. See the famous haunted Blair Street Underground vaults, hear the harrowing gory stories and even take the opportunity to explore the vaults on your own at night, where Burke and Hare were said to have stored the bodies of their victims before selling them to the medical school. The hidden and haunted tour takes a short trip into the past, showing the sinister side of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The company offers tours in different languages and at different times, so is perfect for all ages and dispositions.

Auld Reekie Tours

Edinburgh is nicknamed Auld Reekie due to the smoke that created a spooky mist over the city, the smoke may have gone, but the atmosphere remains in the spooky tours offered by the namesake tour. Taking in the underground, and stories of the past residents. During the time where it was illegal to be homeless, the less fortunate were forced to move underground. This created the warren of underground streets and cellars that Auld Reekie tours aim to make come alive. The adult tour of the stone circle vault is a must for hard to scare patrons, where the legend of any who step inside it are said to wake up with scratches on their legs.

Auld Reekie Tours

The Free Ghost Tour

The free tour starts everyday at 1 PM on The Royal Mile and offers one and a half hour tour around the city streets. Along with the haunting tales surrounding the streets and many monuments and attractions, the tour covers the stories of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the birthplace of Harry Potter and William Wallace & The Stone of Destiny. A must for those on a budget.