Help & FAQs for owners

When do I get paid?

When a booking is made we usually take a 25% deposit. Part of this will be kept as our commission (for bookings made via one of our websites) but the rest will be paid to you the month after the booking completes.

Let's take the following example:

  • Booking date: 12th June
  • Booking value: £1000
  • Deposit taken: 25% / £250
  • Balance: £750 (paid directly to you by the guest)
  • Date of departure: 18th August

If our commission for this booking was 15% then we would keep £150 and send £100 to you in September (the month after the booking completes).

We aim to have payments with owners by the 10th of each month. This gives us time to process and check all our payments.

Why do you hold payments?

The banks and payment processing providers that we work with insist that we hold on to any payments taken until the booking has completed. This reduces the fraud risk when handling payments.