Useful Links & Tools


Group notification email addresses
Part of Google Apps, used for things like the "notify" email addresses for Reserve Collection properties.

Backend admin

List of ESC/EHA/TEA/EDBOOK properties 

List of Marketing Partner properties (i.e. Lettings etc)

Frontend admin

  • Entry name:
  • Entry ID:
  • Group:
  • Geolocation:,-3.2055845900020996/r/1

For guests 
The link sent to Reserve Collection guests to log in to their confirmation page.

Helpful tools

Screen recording
Apple's built-in software is great. Simply find QuickTime Player, then go to File > New screen recording. Don't forget to save what you create.

Screen casting/sharing
Google+ Hangouts (useful guide here), and (maybe) Screenhero.

Google+ Hangouts and Zoom.

Document signing or

Image editing (great for social media)

Free images

Reserve Plus+:

All Reserve Plus+ properties (link to subscription in admin console)

Step-by-step guide to setting up new Reserve Plus+ property

Booking T&C's for Reserve Plus+ guest

Property Forms:

New Property Set Up Form

Additional Photo Upload Form

Property set up Short Form (Internal Use Only)

Additional website pages:

Link to send guests to add a review

Unsubscribe from mailing list

Link to view all sold out properties in the administration console

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By booking through the Reserve Apartments website you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  • Flexible Check In and Out
  • Best Rate Guaranteed For Reserve Collection Properties
  • Free Wifi


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