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Property Descriptions

Why is it so important to get my description right?

Bottom line is that a great description will get you more bookings. Here's why:

  • The more questions you can answer here, the more likely it is that someone can book instantly online.
  • If people call us to ask questions about properties, we can answer them immediately if the information is available to us in the description.
  • This is one of your few opportunities to really sell your property. Imagine you had just 2 minutes to convince someone to book.
  • DON'T MISLEAD! It's vitally important that your description does not mislead guests. This will only lead to people being disappointed. We're very happy to market budget accommodation, providing it is described correctly.

What should my description contain?

The Intro: You get approximately 160 characters to introduce your property. This initial part of your property's description will appear on the search results page when visitors to our websites are returned their search results.

It's worth mentioning the most important features of your property in this space. Grab their attention and make them click through to your full information page. Don't use ALL CAPITALS, or lots of exclamation marks (!!!!!), as this tends to make the listings stand out for the wrong reasons and cheapens the quality of your property and our website.

The Extended Intro: The first paragraph is a good chance to give an overview of your property and the location. People spend a very short amount of time deciding if your property is right. Hiding your key selling points further down the page is not a good idea.

The Rest of your Description: Time to go into a greater level of detail. Once someone has decided that your property might be right for them, they'll have a number of questions. If you don't answer them they'll book with someone else (or call us and delay the booking process by having to wait for answers to questions).

Make sure you include information on the following:

The local area: Many visitors will not know the names of major streets or great areas. So go into detail about what's on their doorstep (types of bars, restaurants, local shops, etc.). Include information about transport to main locations in your city, and walking distances/times.

You can also include details of the floor the property is located on, the kind of building it's in, whether there's a lift, etc.

All rooms in your property: It's not enough to say 3 bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen. People will want to know about the size/layout of each room (a floor plan can really help here), what facilities the kitchen has (microwave, full crockery, breakfast bar, kitchen table seating 6, etc.), what furniture each room contains (how many can the sofa's seat?).

The set-up of the beds is very important. Include information about whether beds can be set-up as doubles/twins (e.g. zip and link beds offer flexibility). You should also talk here about any options for extra people (e.g. sofa beds, etc.).

Again, this is a great chance to really SELL: a fully-equipped kitchen with dining facilities sounds a lot better than just a kitchen.

Parking: We've given this it's own dedicated field which shows how many people ask about parking. Parking available is not enough. Potential guests will want to know where they can park, how much it will cost/if it's free, if the parking is undercroft, etc.

Arrival/Departure: One of the biggest questions we get asked (and, as such, barriers to booking) is about the arrival/departure procedure. Be sure to include details of when people can arrive and when they can leave. Details should also be given of the key handover process (will someone meet them, is they key located in a safe, etc.). If you offer a baggage drop facility you should mention this here.

Haven't I already entered all my facilities and nearby recreations?

You can enter this information using the checklist and it's a really good idea to do this as:

  • It offers people the chance to find your property when using the search filters (see image on right)
  • It gives key information at a glance.

Want help writing your description?

We're happy to get involved. We see a lot of descriptions (good and bad) so we're in a good position to work with you to improve your description.

Visit our Help for Owners section to find out a range of useful info for property owners.

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