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How do we order the search results?

Is the order of search results important?

We find that, in most instances, users filter their search results down to a manageable size before going through the results. And so, for many users, the position of a property in the search results has no impact on the likelihood if it being booked.

However, the position of properties is an important factor when showing site visitors that we have quality properties that are ideal for them.

Why do we control the order of search results?

We want to show visitors what they are looking for, as quickly as possible. As such, we aim to firstly show the properties that we think guests will like the most.

  • Show the best properties first, better for guests
  • Reward property managers with great listings

How are the results ordered?

  • Location: We score properties based on how centrally they are located, as this is what the majority of our guests are looking for.
  • Photos: We score photos based on their quality, and how well the property comes across in the images.
  • Description: We check to make sure the description isn't being used on other websites, and score based on the quality of the description.
  • Feefo rating: Both the average rating and the quantity of ratings contributes to the ranking of your property.
  • Verified: If we've visited your property then we mark it as verified on our ranking system.
  • Availability: We score properties that are available for longer into the future higher than those that are only available for a shorter period of time.
  • Missing form fields: You'll be marked down if any your form fields (e.g. Parking details, Access arrangements, Check-in/out times, etc.) are missing or inaccurate.

How do I improve where I appear?

Work with us to improve your listing and we will help you improve your position within the search results.

Visit our Help for Owners section to find out a range of useful info for property owners.

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