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Damage deposits

Just want to make sure we have a clear procedure on how Damage Deposits are handled as there seem to be quite a few discrepancies that have caused some issues recently.

The day after the deposit is due, the guest should be phoned to make payment in the first instance. Then, email the guest on the back of the ‘Damage Deposit Overdue’ ticket with the macro Reserve Plus+> Edinburgh> SD Chase. Include the link that takes them directly to their confirmation, and CC in (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), if applicable. If it’s another affiliate, also send them a message on the appropriate website.

This ticket should be left as pending, and a task set to chase the next day.

If still not paid the next day, call again and send another reply on the previous ticket, setting a final deadline of 9am GMT the next day. Call if applicable and ask that they set a deadline also. Contact the property manager to see if they have heard from the guest, if they are in contact with them ask that they remind the guest that if they do not pay their deposit they won’t be given access.

If no payment by the deadline, cancel without refund and make the PM aware, and any affiliates. For you will need to call and ask them to cancel the booking.

If refuse to cancel the booking then the onus is on the PM to make sure payment is received before arrival. Email both the guest and PM payment instructions and call the PM to inform them of the situation. If it is a key safe property the PM should remove the keys from the key safe and keep trying to make contact with the guest. If the guest checks in without paying the damage deposit the PM should be aware that any damage costs fall on them.

Sticking to this will ensure we have covered all bases in the event of a cancellation, and in good time so that it can still be noticed and fixed by the guest. All written communication is also kept in an active environment and in the same place for other team members to pick up, rather than multiple solved tickets.

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