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This is an easy way to refer bookings to us. Each time you do, you earn a commission.

How does it work?

  • Sign-up
  • Using the form below, it takes just a few seconds.

  • Get your link
  • Once we've set your account up we'll send you an email with your unique link.

  • Start sending the link to people
  • Copy and paste the link to send it to anyone that might be interested in booking with us.

  • Make some money
  • If someone books, we'll pay you a booking commission.

Sample email for Referral Program

Who can I send the link to?

Anyone. Lots of property managers are finding massive success in sending the link to enquiries they can't accommodate. So if you receive an enquiry but can't take the booking (property not suitable, no availability, etc.) email the link in your reply. It takes a few seconds, provides a great service and could make you some additional money.

How much could I earn?

We pay 5% commission on any successful bookings.

There's no limit on how much you can earn, so sign-up today and start sending the link!

See what an existing referrer has to say:

Glenn Ford, Edinburgh Self-Catering Co.

It's always frustrating to receive an enquiry that you can't accommodate. Replying to people just saying "Sorry, we're full" always left me feeling like I was missing an opportunity. Now, with the Booking Referral Program, I'm able to respond with a unique link. Enquirers are really pleased as they can easily find somewhere else to book, and I'm starting to see a steady stream of revenue. It's really easy to set up, and takes just seconds to add the link into email replies to potential guests. Soon after you will see the commissions rolling in!

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