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Things are looking a bit odd

Are things looking a bit odd when you use our software? Here are two suggestions to fix things:

Hard refresh

The software you use to look at web pages is clever, it remembers where you've been before to help speed things up for you.

But sometimes, its memory gets in the way of the page you should be seeing. Tell it to forget the page it's remembering by doing a hard refresh. Hold down the shift or control key (on your keyboard) and press the refresh/reload button (on your web/internet browser). This button usually looks like a circle with an arrow or two arrows in the shape of a circle.

Get a better browser

We like to spend our time making things better, not making things work with old browsers.

To make sure everything works correctly we suggest you use the latest version of one of these browsers:

If you have to use Internet Explorer (which we wouldn't suggest!), make sure it's the latest version.


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