What's what in Edinburgh festivals

ImageAt least nine festivals take place in Edinburgh every August, covering art forms from books to television, jazz to performance art. Hardly surprising that with so many festivals crammed into one short month, people get confused between them. As Edinburgh gets ready for a month of festival madness, here's a run through of what's what in the world of August festivals. 1. Edinburgh International Festival. The granddaddy of them all, EIF started in 1947 in an attempt to heal the wounds of post-war Europe. It's publicly subsidised and curated performers have to be invited to take part. The place to find King Lear in Norwegian. 2. Edinburgh Fringe. A wonderful, mad free for all. Anybody can and does take part. This year nearly 2,500 shows are happening across the city, ranging from stand-up comedy to kid's puppetry. It's where people come to get discovered and start careers. Standards range from unwatchable to future stars. 3. Edinburgh International Book Festival. Takes place in city's Charlotte Square, amid marquees. Literary superstars talk about their latest work. A must for book lovers. 4. Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival 5. Edinburgh Art Festival 6. Edinburgh Mela 7. Edinburgh TV Festival (industry event) 8. Edinburgh Interactive Festival (industry event) 9. The EdgeFestival So many festivals. One (smallish) city. Even the people who work for them get confused. EIF supremo Jonathan Mills told the Stage this week the media don't 'help us articulate to the extent [they] ought the differences between the [Edinburgh] festivals.' What do you think? Is there a case for merging some of the festivals together? Or do audiences want the diversity of so many separate events?
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