Our Top 5 International Restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh attracts people from all over the world. Some come to enjoy a holiday, others spend their gap year here, and a few even come to settle down. The international vibe of the city is reflected in the wide range of international cuisines the city has to offer. Whether you are an expat yourself and feel a little homesick or you are just excited about trying something new, you will find whatever “world food” your tummy desires.

To help you choose, here are the top 5 international restaurants in Edinburgh. How do we know which are the best international restaurants? We asked international students and an English Teacher from Alba English School which is the best restaurant in Edinburgh serving food from their country. Who would know better? And here is what they told us:

Marco - Italian: He recommends Gaia, a restaurant in the Leith district. In his opinion, it is not only a place to have good lunch, but also a place to meet other Italians and feel like you are spending the afternoon in Italy.

“The people who work there are kind and nice and there is always a good atmosphere. I can eat good food and meet other Italian fellas"

Furthermore, Marco told me that they make their own fresh pasta and the prices are very affordable. They also offer Italian delicacies such as a great selection of dry pasta, cold meats, and olive oils.

Lucile - French: Lucile recommends Chez Jules in Hanover Street, because the food is authentic and the place is beautiful with a lovely ambience. The prices vary depending on the dish. Lucile’s personal favourite dish: “I love snails and their Crepe suzette with brandy, lemon and orange.”

Qiao - Chinese: Qiao’s first choice of Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh is the Lian Pu [脸谱] in Marshall Street. This restaurant is one of the most famous places in the Chinese student community. Qiao explains the popularity: “The restaurant has different ways to eat. You can choose between noodles, BBQ, hot pot and they have a great variety of juices.”

She also likes it because she can go by herself or with friends and feels comfortable either way. Another benefit is that the menu is available in Chinese as well as in English and each dish in the menu also comes with a picture.

Hugh - Scottish: One of our favourite teachers recommends Field in West Nicholson Street. He loves this place because of the authentic Scottish quality. “It's a reasonably expensive restaurant but uses very good quality Scottish products, so Scottish meat and fish are cooked in a modern way.”

Hugh’s personal recommendation: “I had venison - so deer meat - with pomegranate and it was really nice.”

Virginia - Spanish: Virgina recommends Indaba in the heart of Tollcross. She loved this restaurant for the Spanish tapas and the high quality food. “The staff are very nice and the food is great with a reasonable price”.

Her favourite dish: “I´d choose Spanish tortilla with pisto - Spanish omelette with fried vegetables. This place also satisfies you with a large selection of Spanish wines and beers such as Alhambra or the typical Mahou”.

So, next time you wonder where to eat, pick one of our top 5 international restaurants in Edinburgh and let us know what you think on Twitter @EnglishAlba or @ReserveApts.

Bon appetit!

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