Moving with mobile!

We have reached a point whereby browsing the web via mobiles, smart phones and tablets is constantly increasing and with that, so is the need for a ‘mobile friendly’ website. Here at Reserve Apartments, we are embracing this movement, having realised that a mobile friendly site is a core necessity rather than a casual demand.

Following on from a complete rebuild of our website into a responsive format, we have seen mobile and tablet traffic increase by 55% within the space of a year! As our bookings have gradually increased, it is clear to see that mobile is vital at a very early stage within the booking process.

We have recently launched brand new, wholly responsive, booking screens to synchronise with our mobile site. It’s become clear to us that, as tablets replace PCs and as mobile phones become more powerful, people rely on these devices for more than basic research. Statistics show that a growing number of users are finding inspiration, researching, interacting and making bookings, all via mobile devices. In our opinion, the irreversible shift in the mobile market is one well worth moving with and investing in.

It’s widely accepted that Edinburgh is at the forefront of Wi-Fi technology, having been credited as one of the top cities in the world for technology. Edinburgh looks forward with its plans to implement free Wi-Fi for everyone in the city centre by this summer, with over a thousand hotspots included in the overall plan. A free Wi-Fi system is already available on the city’s trams and buses. Be sure to take advantage of this when traveling around our beautiful city!

How have you found our new booking screens? We welcome any feedback!

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By booking through the Reserve Apartments website you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  • Flexible Check In and Out
  • Best Rate Guaranteed For Reserve Collection Properties
  • Free Wifi


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