Holiday Let Success

We are really excited about our co-founder Gareth’s recent podcast interview with Holiday Let Success.

Within Gareth’s detailed discussion with host Elaine Watt, he shares his knowledge on a wide range of topics. With a broad background in web development and the camping and caravan market, Gareth is well versed in the rental arena as well as business logistics. Eight years on here at Reserve Apartments and we have a small, succinct team, all sharing Gareth’s passion.

Elaine delves into why Gareth decided to join forces with a competitor to create Reserve Apartments as we know it today, and how this served to benefit the business as a whole. Other key subjects include:

  • The ins and outs of holiday lets
  • The holiday rental market
  • An old school approach “that works”
  • Five key elements to a great website (property market specific)

Halfway through the podcast, the typically renowned “scary topic” of SEO is addressed, giving Gareth the opportunity to share his expertise and advice on how best to navigate this area successfully. He progresses onto the key elements of a property listing, discussing each in detail. These include:

  • Photography
  • Descriptions
  • Reviews

Gareth cannot speak highly enough of Feefo, an independent feedback engine. We use this system to gather valuable customer feedback and reviews. This really helps to address and improve any areas which might require greater attention.

The importance of knowing geographical areas inside out when dealing with the property and rental market is clear to see. Gareth explains how Reserve Apartments knows both Glasgow and Edinburgh inside out and this is what enables us to match properties with people so successfully.

In the closing lines, Gareth shares his advice to those venturing into the world of rental property, as well as those already there, stressing the importance of preparing for the fun and challenges this type of business can present in “unequal measures”.

The final point will get you thinking about the use of technology combined with traditional practices and why a mix of these is crucial. The full podcast is available here. We’d love to hear your response to it via social media!

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