Edinburgh Sights, Attractions & Hidden Things To Do

Throughout the festive season, Edinburgh transforms into a winter wonderland, attracting visitors from far and wide. But what about those hidden gems tourists and EVEN locals are still yet to discover? The redevelopment of Advocate’s Close, concealed within the city, was recently named Britain’s best development and has successfully merged the old and new designs in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

The steep and narrow lane located in the very heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town connects the Royal Mile to Cockburn Street. Initially dating back to 1544, Advocate’s Close has seen continual development over the years, once home to a brewery as well as a space for overcrowded housing. Since it’s recent £45m renovation in 2014, designed by Morgan McDonnell, local businesses are flourishing in and around the area (we highly recommend the Devil’s Advocate bar and restaurant!). Nine listed buildings were transformed as part of the redevelopment which has now attained several industry awards, including being named project of the year by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

This hidden gem is one of Edinburgh’s oldest closes, acting as a shortcut for locals and Fringe-goers during August to escape the busy hustle-bustle of the high streets. It may be an area you pass frequently, but have never truly appreciated in all it’s wonder – so what other hidden marvels reside in Edinburgh?

Rooftop Terrace – National Museum of Scotland

The famous museum attracts tourists from all over the world, but its remarkable rooftop terrace may be left undiscovered by some. Situated on the very top floor, climb the stairs (if you’re brave enough) or grab a lift to truly stunning panoramic views of the city! Not only can you see Edinburgh from above, there is also plenty of local artwork and flora to absorb.

Museum on the Mound

An interesting museum situated at the top of the Mound, which takes a closer look into money and its history. Unfortunately, there’s no samples to take away, but if you’ve ever wanted to see one million pounds up-close and personal or Scotland’s oldest bank notes, it could be a great insight into the banking world.

Mary King’s Close

Hidden beneath the Royal Mile, go underground and discover the 17th century streets once bustled with traders selling their goods to Old Town residents. You can also venture into the close from the Mile with costumed tour guides to hear some fascinating tales.

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