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2017 Edinburgh Events

Boasting a population of 500,000, Edinburgh is known throughout the world for its eclectic nature and wealth of events to enjoy throughout the year. Countless businesses and individuals will take advantage of such features in 2017 and as a result, the city is becoming an increasingly popular option for festivals, conferences and various other gatherings of the masses.

There are various advantages that Edinburgh has to offer which makes it an excellent choice for event organisers who are looking to make a lasting impression.

Economy and Tourism in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is considered to possess the strongest economy in the United Kingdom outside of London. Thus, it has attracted a number of internationally recognised organisations over the years. This is particularly the case in regards to the banking sector. The city is currently home to such major firms as TSB Bank, The Bank of Scotland and Sainsbury's Bank. When we combine these observations with relatively low unemployment and growing sectors such as scientific research and education, it becomes clear why many choose to host their events within the confines of this city.

It should also be mentioned that millions of tourists will venture to the city for both business and personal requirements. The latest figures from Edinburgh City Council estimate 3.8 million guests visited the city as recently as 2014. Thus, many visitors and conference attendees alike may already be aware of what the city has in store.

Edinburgh’s Centralised Transportation Services

You are likely already aware that this city boasts some of the most convenient and advanced transportation options in the country. However, what impact does this have upon visitors attending a one-off event? First, we need to recognise that Edinburgh Airport is located only five miles from the city centre. Lothian Buses will also accommodate the majority of internal transit needs and thanks to a wealth of routes, it is quite simple for those unfamiliar with the layout of the city to find their way around. Other choices include regional trains and taxi services.

Edinburgh Events in 2017

So, we can see why Edinburgh is proving to be such a popular destination for events taking place throughout 2017 and beyond. It should therefore come as no great surprise that a number of events will take place here each and every year. Whether a smaller venue is required or the size of the event dictates that a truly massive location must be utilised, the choices available are as diverse as the city itself. Let's take a quick look at some of the most prominent gatherings taking place and what each of these has to offer. You can then make the most informed choices when the time is right.

Some examples here include (but are certainly not limited to):

Property Networking Lunches

Next Event Date: Wed 5 April 2017

Location: The Sheraton Hotel, 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR

These informal lunches take place on a regular basis at numerous venues throughout the city. The main purpose of these events is to promote effective networking practices to specialists within the property, construction and industrial sectors. While the location of the seminars themselves will change from time to time, the majority are held at the Sheraton Hotel in the city centre.

EIEScotland 2017

Date: 10th – 11th May 2017

Location: EICC, The Exchange Edinburgh, 150 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3 8EE, UK

Also known as the Investor 100, the main intention of this event is to help entrepreneurs and start-up organisations understand how to encounter investors and secure the necessary funds for future growth. 90 companies and ten venture capitalists will be able to speak with one another; bridging the networking gap one interaction at a time. This event is free for those who secure a registration in advance. EIEScotland 2017 is being held at the Informatics Forum on Tuesday, 28 February.

The Edinburgh International Festival

Date: 4 Aug. – 28 Aug. 2017

Location: Various destinations across city

Arts and culture are vital to the city and there is no better example of its eclectic nature than the Edinburgh International Festival. The annual event takes place during the month of August each year. Interestingly the gathering is actually a conglomeration of individual events. These include the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe amongst others. High-profile theatre productions, outdoor classical concerts and well-known comedic performances all continue to attract a growing number of participants from across the country and from around the world.

Secrets of Simple Graphics

Date: 5th September 2017

Location: Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, 16 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU

Edinburgh is known for its presence within the global community, so this event fits perfectly with the city itself. Secrets of Simple Graphics is a symposium intended to provide attendees with insight into the impact of hand-drawn visuals during seminars and other presentations. While this is great for start-up firms, such suggestions can be just as appropriate for enterprise-level businesses which are hoping to add an organic touch to digital conferences. Secrets of Simple Graphics will be taking place at Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue on.


With more than 5,000 meetings held throughout the United Kingdom each year, 4Networking is arguably one of the most popular business networking organisations in Edinburgh. The primary intention of these seminars is to foster long-term business relationships through a fun and relaxed setting. Groups meet every fortnight in different locations throughout the city and there are currently over 50,000 members from across the country.

It should therefore come as no great surprise that a number of events will take place here each and every year. Whether a smaller venue is required or the size of a conference dictates that a truly massive location must be utilised, the choices available are as diverse as the city itself.

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