Car Parking Edinburgh - Airport, Park & Ride, Short & Long Stay

Parking in Edinburgh is surprisingly straightforward for a major city.  There is a huge range of on- and off-street parking choices, as well as Park & Ride and airport parking services, so knowing your options in advance will really help. Here's a quick run-down:

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Royal Mile attractions and things to do

Edinburgh’s Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site packed full of attractions, all located within a mile of each other! Why is it called the Royal Mile? It's called The Royal Mile because of the street's length from Edinburgh Castle to Holyroodhouse Palace, which is almost exactly a mile long. How long is the Royal Mile Edinburgh? Surprisingly it's not quite 1 mile long though (but it's not far off). The distance is approximately 1.81 km. Here are our favourite places to visit on the Royal Mile.

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Outdoor Activities Edinburgh

Edinburgh is well known for its beautiful buildings and of course the dramatic Castle. However, there are plenty of lovely outdoor spaces for you to explore as well.

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Churches in Edinburgh

As you’re no doubt already aware, Edinburgh is an incredibly beautiful city. The many church buildings dotted around the city centre play a big part in creating this appeal – here is our selection of wonderful churches you can visit during your stay in Edinburgh.

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Best Edinburgh Underground Ghost Tours - Free Haunted Walks

From the winding streets, spooky folklore, ominous underground vaults and eerie catacombs; there is no better place to take in the mysterious atmosphere of spectres and spooky stories than in Edinburgh. With a range of underground walks and the best ghost tours, Edinburgh is the Ideal destination for ghost hunters, thrill seekers and lovers of folklore. Considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the UK, you won’t be short on choice when it comes to finding a ghost tour to shatter your nerves and test your bravery! Here is our list of the scariest ghost and underground tours of Edinburgh.

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Free Museums in Edinburgh

If you’re coming to Edinburgh and are worried about the weather, fear not! The city boasts a number of fantastic, free museums the whole family will enjoy, from a museum about childhood to spectacular national art galleries.

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Edinburgh Harry Potter Tour Including Locations

Are you an aspiring Hogwarts pupil? Do you know Expelliarmus from Wingardium Leviosa? Then you’ll love visiting Edinburgh! We’ve put together a walking trail around the Old Town and Princes Street so you don’t miss out on any of the top Harry Potter sights and experiences!

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National Trust Properties in Edinburgh, Scotland

Happy birthday, National Trust! 2020 marks 125 years of the organization protecting and caring for the UK’s ‘special places’. What is the National Trust? Originally set up by a social reformer, a priest and a lawyer in 1895, the National Trust has always been passionate about preserving historical and natural places and opening them for visitors to enjoy.

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Valentine's Day Edinburgh - Things To Do & Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

Edinburgh is a romantic city – albeit a windy, chilly one at this time of year, once Valentine’s Day comes around. With its cobbled streets, mysterious, twisting closes (a Scots term for alleyways), and ancient buildings steeped in stories, it is a city full to bursting with plenty of things to do when it comes to romance and mystery. The city of Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, and, for a few years at least, Robert Burns, it’s a place where the imagination can run wild and where the streets teem with life and activity.

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Edinburgh Tram Extension Map & Route Works

In 2014, as we all know, a new tram line was opened in Edinburgh for the first time in 60 years to mixed reviews. Plagued by being vastly over budget (some say the final spend was double the original costings), the route being much shorter than originally planned and the time taken to complete the project being almost 5 years more than expected, the Edinburgh Trams were always going to have a shaky start.

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