Royal Mile Mansions Apartment Edinburgh

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  • Property ID115891
  • Sleeps 3 (+3)
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathroom(s) Yes
  • Floor 1st floor

Key features

Sleeping arrangements Bedroom 1 - Super-King bed (plus high quality single fold up bed if required)
Bedroom 2 - Single bed
Living Room - Double sofa bed

Exterior This A listed building cannot be missed, featuring the famous "Royal Mile Mansions" sign above the door. The property is access via secure fob.

Parking notes As this is the very heart of the city, parking is extremely limited. The closest all day parking is a 5 minute walk at around £17 per 24 hours.

  • General facilities

    • Dishwasher Yes
    • Linen provided Yes
    • Bath towels provided Yes
    • Hair dryer Yes
    • Washing machine Yes
    • Microwave Yes
    • Fridge Yes
    • Oven Yes
    • Iron / Ironing board Yes
  • Entertainment

    • DVD player Yes
    • TV Yes
  • Internet access

    • Internet access Yes
    • Wifi Yes
  • Accessibility

      Not wheelchair accessible.

    • Suitability

      • Pets not allowed Yes

    Check-in from16:00

    You will be asked to check-out before11:00

    Royal Mile Mansions Apartment location within Edinburgh

    Postal code

    EH1 1QN


    • Shops
    • Supermarket
    • Bar / Pub
    • Restaurants
    • Café
    • Galleries
    • Museum
    • Theatre
    • Internet café

    Also nearby

    Edinburgh Castle
    Palace of Holyrood House
    The Royal Mile

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